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Just Another Network brings talent, content, reach, data and sales all together under one roof. For brands and content partners there’s now one destination to connect with Generation Y & Z. Whether you’re looking for smart content creation and content distribution approaches or direct conversion techniques, our internal agency is available to help leveraging their youth expertise, strategic marketing skills and actionable data.


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Just Another Network is originated from youth culture. Creators and social media experts who are literally connected 24/7 with youth and young adults via all relevant social channels, are at the heart of our organization. If you then add strategists, creatives and data experts, we have all components in-house to create your perfect connection and/or youth strategy.

Content creation

Our creators and influencers produce on a daily basis content for Gen Y&Z. Just Another Network enables brand owners and agencies to collaborate directly with them and our content experts.Whether you’re looking for strategic, always-on or quick and pragmatic content solutions, we’re ready to deliver against you’re brand objectives and KPI’s.

Content distribution & performance

Via our extensive owned media network and social footprint, we can guarantee distribution and performance KPI’s for branded content. Organic or paid, engagement or traffic driven, our team is accountable for results based on targets.


Fast and selective we can leverage the cumulative reach of our platforms for display and pre-roll campaigns. Standalone or as part of a broader content marketing campaign…

Influencer network

Influencers can play an important role in connecting audiences and brand messages through their personality and popularity. Our elaborate network of influencers can be leveraged to convey your brand message, create impact and go viral.


Saying “Just Another Network” also means “actionable data”. Via our daily interactions with Gen Y&Z we grow and enrich our database of identified users on a continuous basis. Of course fully GDPR proof. Without any dependancy on cookies, our data can be leveraged for targeting, lead generation or direct conversion targets.

Affiliate deals

As Just Another Network we strongly belief in performance and accountability. The content, creativity, data and reach from our network, are the power units behind many e-commerce successes. Our daily connections through digital platforms offer great opportunities for conversion driven campaigns.

Owned products

With RUMAG as ultimate proof point, is Just Another Network perfectly equipped to collaborate on branded products. We can service on creative solutions for incentives, premiums or gifts. Ranging from tear-off calendars to door mats and from apron to coffee mug; we are happy to help!


We are a network of creators and creatives, of strategists and influencers and of pioneers and experts within the most important themes of youth culture. Our mission is to create an own domain for young people within the Dutch media landscape. Both for creators and users. And thus to create a permanent destination in the daily content consumption needs of young people. Besides entertainment, there is a lot of focus on news and journalism. We achieve this, among other things, by launching our own news titles and by training a future generation of news and opinion makers. For brands, Just Another Network is the best way to co-create a branded entertainment interface to generations Y and Z.

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Just Another Network is a media network for the next generation. We create, curate and distribute news, sports and entertainment content in a contemporary way.

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